Yesterday, I didn’t want to work.

I had tons of excuses.

They all seemed valid.

But the bottom line was, I didn’t want to.

I kept trying to force it. ‘Come on Self’, I said, ‘tackle the to-do list.’

I bet you’ve had this experience! So you know it feels heavy, powerless and frustrating.

Then I had a conversation with my brilliant friend, Therese.

“Don’t work,” she said. “Follow what your soul wants today. Isn’t that what you teach?”

Oops, I did it again!!!

I was trying to force creative work to happen, when what I needed was to do what brought me joy.

I stopped. I wrapped Christmas gifts for my family, thinking about each person and how much fun it was to choose exactly the right gift. I made fudge for my dad. I added twinkly lights to my display of Santa Clauses. I connected with my side-by sisters.

I rested my tired body.

And today, I woke inspired.


This is the feminine way of doing business. 

It’s not an excuse to put off doing what needs to be done. But an internal tuning fork.

Yes, I could have forced myself to continue yesterday, but I’ve already completed more this morning than I could if I had worked all day yesterday. And the work is so much better.

I have the outline for a brand new exercise that I’ll be sharing at my live event. I have a list of experts I want to share at the event. And I know who I want to invite.

I feel aligned and happy.

Please share how you have experienced the feminine way… or where you struggle with it.