Several years ago my husband sat in his home office and watched a drug deal take place on our front lawn.

He was outraged. 

This used to be a beautiful, safe neighborhood.

We were not going to sit back and let it deteriorate.

We, with one other neighbor, started a neighborhood watch program.  But unlike a typical watch, with a handful of houses watching out for each other, we reached for the stars. Our Neighborhood Watch encompassed 1560 homes, with over 500 active members and a very organized structure.

The first years were very successful. Neighbors got to know each other and we watched the steady decline in crime throughout our community.

Then, a man around the corner took offense at something I said, and he began to stalk, harass and bully me in person and social media.  This threatening behavior was frustrating, heartbreaking and sometimes scary. I often felt powerless and angry.

When this behavior was taking place, I had no idea that it was preparing me for what is happening in the world today.

Today, I see the gift.

Today, I know I can take it. I can keep myself safe and I can take a stand for what I believe in.

Today I have, as Eleanor Roosevelt suggested, I have what all public figures need, the skin of a rhinoceros.

I see the gift, because the world is changing. A new way of being and of doing business is being called forth. The old ways of fear-based marketing and rigid formulas are less effective. Those that use them are afraid. Some of them are lashing out.

That’s ok. I’ve been trained by my experience to not let it affect me.

I have taken a stand for the new way of doing business. The new way of living.

Today, I market from my soul’s truth. I design strategy based my connection to my Highest Self. I dance in the knowledge that I am supported by both the Divine Feminine, who creates, and the Divine Masculine, who gives structure to my creation so it can be delivered into the world.

I practice the Art of Feminine Marketing every day. And it has exponentially grown my income and my joy.

What stand are you taking in 2017?

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