If you are like me you long for more.

More freedom

More connection

More influence

More money.


This is a normal human condition.

We are either growing or dying.

Our minds naturally seek expansion.

But our experience, our wounds, teach us to fear change.

It freaking hurts.

We stay powerless and trapped in the ‘comfort’ zone of wanting more, yet afraid to reach for it.

And our society feeds us a line of bullshit to justify our fear.

“Money makes people do bad things.” “Be grateful for what you have.” “That’s just a first world problem.”

Our minds reinforce the message, “Who do I think I am?” “What do I have to say that anyone wants to hear?” “I don’t know my platform, my right tribe, my message.” “Be safe, stay small.”

Your soul, my dear, knows the truth.

You are born to be a powerful world changer.

Your mind doesn’t need to know how or what.

Your mission is planted deep in your inner knowing.

Your ability to serve your right tribe was sharpened through the wounding experiences of your life.

Your desires are the most accurate compass for discovering the path to your highest good.

As women, we are designed to create in community. Together we hold the space for more creativity and abundance to flow to each of us.

Greater success is possible when we enable our Feminine genius to dance, allowing her to craft strategies that grow our influence and income before invoking our action-oriented Masculine energy.

In this dance, together, we will save the world.

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