I am still riding the wave of energy from the Art of Feminine Marketing Live Event.

For me this means:

****Tears of gratitude****

I feel so blessed to able to do work that connects me with Source in a very special way. There really is nothing quite like the feeling of opening myself to whatever wants to come through. Giving myself over to the mystery of the Feminine and watching in amazement what is accomplished.

***Waves of nausea***
This might not seem like a bragging point, but I’ve come to learn that this is how my body processes the amount of energy that flowed through it. I recognize what is happening, breathe, and I am gentle with myself.

***Sore butt muscles ***
Dancing, a lot, in heels. Enough said!!

***Supreme thankfulness for the way the masculine supported us. ***

For our own masculine energy that danced with our feminine to put form to our creativity with worksheets, strategy plans, marketing language and skill building;

For the hotel staff who hauled in all my equipment, kept our water bottles filled and were constantly checking in to see if we needed anything;

For my event hostess, Laurie, who tuned in with her feminine to the needs of the participants, then turned on her masculine to make sure everything flowed: the music was turned on and off, the worksheets distributed, everyone knew the schedule and so much more;

Finally to my beloved, who brought me fajitas from my favorite restaurant on day two in order to keep my body fueled and happy.

***Wonder at the power of the women in the room. ***

Oh, My Goddess!!!! I can’t say enough how much I admire these women who bravely dove in, not knowing exactly what was going to happen. They have a willingness to explore and grow that always translates into success.

They were willing to go deep,  probing their deepest core wounds to find the gifts with which to serve their clients,  Clearing old resentments, letting go of anger, and then rejoicing in their sacred, sexy, feminine essence.

This is the new paradigm of business. A shift to a life-giving, soul-directed model that acknowledges the whole woman, celebrates her many parts and leads to financial success and freedom.

These women are leading the charge. Through their work this weekend they discovered:

  • They can make a 6-figure income, without sacrificing their family, their health, and their relationships;
  • They can let go of old pain and have a life of joy and love;
  • Money is abundant, and wants to flow into their lives in every increasing amounts;
  • They have gifts and skills that will heal the world for our children and grandchildren; and
  • Building a business from their feminine essence is fun, creative and exhilarating.

The world needs leaders!

It is time to shine your light in the world… and to be abundantly rewarded for doing so.

With my whole heart,

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