I’m still feeling the power, and delighting in the presence of, the tribe of powerful women who attended the Art of Feminine Marketing Live.

I’m still catching my breath as I integrate my experience from the weekend and shift my attention back to “ordinary business.”

Here are a few of the Amazing Women in Action:

Due to the wild weather and flash flood warnings that were being issued during the final day of our event, we decided to end the weekend an hour and a half early. An important piece of content was left undelivered.

So yesterday, I facilitated a webinar to cover Content and Social Media Planning, complete with handouts.

I love handouts. I love using spreadsheets. I love using sticky note planning.

You see, I’m not a detail person. I don’t notice the little pieces that make the big picture work.

But over the years I’ve learned to use these tools to plan, so that when my Feminine births a new project, program or idea, my masculine has a map to follow while taking action.

The masculine loves action. Without a map, our masculine is doing a lot of stuff but not making much progress. It’s like wishing for a warm weather vacation, then driving mindlessly, ending up in Alaska.

So my feminine leads, then I pull out my calendar, my sticky notes and my spreadsheets to give form in the physical world to my ideas. To give my masculine the map it needs to succeed.

At the Live event, we spent a lot of time connecting with the feminine, having conversations with money and learning how our wounds are gifts. So it was really important to give some structure for action with the webinar.

As a part of returning to ‘ordinary business’ I’ve also been having amazing bonus coaching sessions with the women who attended the Art of Feminine Marketing Live. In these sessions we have:

  • Become more clear about the gifts in the wounds so they know exactly who they are meant to serve;
  • Designed next steps toward creating their profitable businesses in a way that supports their whole life;
  • Clarified their business vision so they know where they are going; and
  • Connected with inner saboteur parts to remove stumbling blocks to success
  • MORE…

The integration session has also been an opportunity for each woman to become clear about joining me on a yearlong journey in Feminine Marketing.

With much love,

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