I spent last week on retreat with my mentor and business sisters, plus an amazing cook and his spirit watchdog, Goldie.

As a leader, part of my job is to take regular time to attend my own inner growth. I’m careful to choose mentors and sisters who will push me to expand and hold sacred space as I do my inner healing. This is important work that allows me to more powerfully support my amazing clients.

During one particularly deep session, this emerged:

There is a power that I hold back. 

It frightens me 

Not the power 

I fear what others will think of me when I wield that power. 

The power itself… 

That is lovely 

Gold spun from straw; 

Dew glistening on spider webs; 

Mother Earth erupting in glowing rivers of molten lava; 

Mama Bear standing for her cubs. 

There is a power in me: 

To heal  

To cauterize the broken heart 

To pull the festering of resentment and fear out of a soul 

To unhook the cords that bind us in slavery to other’s pain. 


I can do that. 

And yet, and yetI don’t… not that often… 

Because others don’t understand 

Because others judge me 

Because others don’t know that the only way over is through. 

And I’ve been hated for it. 

I’ve been locked in distant shacks,  and castle rooms, and deep in holy convents to keep my power hidden. 

I’ve been feared for it.  

Am still feared for it. 

I’ve been stoned, drowned and burned 

I’ve lost my life to it. 

There is a power in me. 

I hesitate: 

I need more education; 

I need more permission;  

I need more fucking time before I bring it out. 

‘This life’, the power whispers, ‘will you waste this one too? 

Will you make me wait another turn? 

Oh please, let me be here now…

And so, I’m making a commitment to you. I will fully embrace my power. I will face the ancient fear of being killed for being a woman who is visible. I will not let it stop me.

Because my mission is more important than my fear.

I am committed to empowering women to make a lot of money without losing themselves. Because when women have money we can take a seat at the table of decision makers. We will change the world.

The world needs us more than ever.

With much love,

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