It’s always something, right?

You have a big dream. This is the year that you are actually going to create the business you’ve been dreaming of. The one that is going to let you set your own schedule so you have plenty of time for coffee with friends, play with your family, self-care. The business that is going to be super successful so you have the money to travel, to support the causes you believe in, to upgrade your living situation/ auto/ wardrobe….. shoe collection (maybe that one is just me??).

And then, the other shoe drops.

I’m not making light of this.

Life happens and some of it is not fun.

It requires your time, your attention, and the funds you had counted on to build your business.

Here is the real story: life is not going to stop so you have a nice little break to get started. It’s going to keep happening. And if you are really serious about making a difference with your gifts, if you are committed to your vision, you find a way to do it …. Regardless.


This week, my back is whining. I don’t know what I did, but I’m standing up like a very old woman…. Sloooowwwly. I’m not able to sit long. I’m not moving very well.

And this won’t stop me.

The car that my husband insists “runs so well” that we shouldn’t replace it is in the shop…. AGAIN!!

And this won’t stop me.

Daycare fell through for one of the little people and his dad had an appointment that really couldn’t be missed, so my little man spent the afternoon with me.

And this won’t stop me.

I am on a freaking mission Woman!

I’m am taking a stand for YOU! Because when you are supported in creating a business that reflects your soul’s mission and makes a lot of money, you have the power to change things. To create more joy. To heal the planet.

That’s what I really want.

My business gives me lots of great perks: time, travel, shoes (!)…. But I’m in it for the bigger picture.

Women, in their power, standing together, creating a world we are proud to pass on to our children.

I won’t stop for life’s roadblocks.

I will adjust.

I will find another way.

I will persist.

Will you?

With all my heart,

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