The lights were low.

The music played invitingly.

I looked across the room.

One women was sensuously weaving to the lyrics, tears streaming down her face. Another was shaking her finger in front of an invisible foe, a model of determination and strength.  A third, enwrapped in a self–hug, was laughing and crying all at once.

Everywhere I looked, in every face, in every body, I saw raw emotion, acceptance, and beauty.

I had planned this exercise for weeks, patiently combing through music lists to compile just the right combination. I wanted my clients at this retreat to access their emotions, to really feel what they had locked away.

We started with rage and anger, moved through to loneliness and grief, and finally into pleasure and sensuality. As we moved through the release of emotions, they began to feel the relief that comes with understanding and discovery.

I also felt relief. The exercise was working.

I knew that as their emotions were accepted, moved through, and released, it would free them to bring their gifts more fully into their work.

We had spent the day exploring their core wounds. Really digging in and discovering, in those wounds, their unique and divine connection to their right clients. They began to see those wounds, not as something to be buried and hidden, but as real gifts.

These women discovered that, through our wounding experiences,  we acquire the skills needed to serve a very particular set of people (our tribe) in a way that only we can (our unique niche). This discovery, in turn, enables an understanding of  how to market our services to our  tribe in a way that is magnetic.

In order for these women to truly own their gifts, to communicate all of who they are are, they had to allow the feelings space to be expressed. And they did.

As I watched the dance unfold, and the healing that took place over the rest of the weekend, I knew that my own wounds had laid the groundwork for my women to do their work.

My wound is being born a girl, with way too many feelings. I wasn’t allowed to work at the family business. As a girl I didn’t need that much money anyway, right? Because I was supposed to grow up and find a man to take care of me.

And I can’t even count the number of times I was told to grow a thicker skin, that I was too emotional.

But the thing is, when we bring our emotions into the light, they are a compass that we can use to choose the best path for our businesses.  They help to naturally magnetize the most amazing clients, who need what we offer. And they will either attract or repel money.

And I can show other women how to use their emotions to build kickass businesses that honor their feminine soul.

It’s not a formula – each woman is unique –  it’s an understanding of how energy flows, how money works, and how to tweak business strategies to fit each woman’s soul purpose.

In the week since the retreat, the women have become crystal clear on their niches, they have designed new programs, let go of employees who were holding their businesses back, enrolled new clients in their businesses, and are kicking butt!

They healed, opened doors, and laid the foundation to grow their businesses exponentially.

For this, I am grateful.

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