“I have a webinar scheduled to launch my new program,” my friend said, “but I’m not at all excited about doing it.”

I had a choice.

I could ask about what she was feeling and dig into her lack of excitement.

I could ask what would excite her.

I could jump in and tell her why it was important that she suck it up and do it. But I felt a nudge. Like an invisible finger poking my forehead.

Let’s go into a sacred space,” I suggested, “and ask your business what she wants you to do.”

After she clarified the timing of the new program and designed a brand new, innovating launch strategy that didn’t include webinars, she asked, “Is there anything else?” 

“Yes,” her business answered. “I want you to know I am with you always. Even when you are not ‘working on me’, I am with you. I love you and I support you even when you are not paying attention to me. I’d really like to be friends, not just a vehicle for making money.”

I’ve been aware for a while that my business is a separate, energetic force that has joined me on my mission to train women coaches, teachers and healers to build 6-figure businesses. My business and I know that more healing is needed in the world, and that won’t happen unless the coaches and healers have the financial resources to stay in business.

I regularly check in with my business when I’m designing marketing strategies, writing copy, creating new programs.

But I had not recognized this sweet truth.

The energy of my business is with me, supporting me, even when I’m not paying attention.

I am moved to create a new relationship with my business. One that is not just transactional.

I will, of course, continue the business of business. Serving clients, marketing, tracking income and expenses, etc.

And I’m exploring what it’s like to be in a loving relationship with this business I’ve created. To make sure it gets the nourishment it needs to flourish; to invite the energy of it to dance with me in play time; to notice how that energy supports me when I’m not feeling well; to let it play with the grandkids on Grammy/Papa days.

(Side note: we have just built a lemonade stand. The girls are loving that and are so excited to get started on their entrepreneurial journey!!!)


I’m very intentionally building a friendship with my business.

What would it be like for you to have a friendship with your business?

To treat it like an honoured guest instead of a workhorse that is put in the barn and forgotten at the end of the day?

To really, truly be in love with this energy?

I’d love to hear your experience. Please share.

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