I’m feeling a little woozy with possibility. And I don’t know what will happen.

I’m feeling wary,  excited and at peace all at once.

I see evolution happening all around me.

My mentor is evolving massively. I’m benefiting from her growth.

My business mastermind buddy/ soul sister is evolving. And I’ve been on the journey with her through tears and body aches and laughter. I’m grateful that she is allowing me full transparency to see her evolution and to learn from it.

My clients are evolving, with massive shifts in their beings and their businesses.

Evolution is shifting them in ways I’ve not seen before, beyond changing a mindset or thinking positively and far more than simply  putting strategies in place and practicing accountability.

When I connect with Source, I see their very DNA reforming. Like caterpillars in their cocoons, they are coming apart before reforming into new beings who will help launch the next evolution of human development.

Now, that sounds big to me. It sounds a little cra-cra to my logical mind. There is a part of me that says ‘who do I think I am to think such things? To think I could guide such beings?’ And another part that says ‘why them and not me? Why do they get to remake themselves?’

My Highest Self, who whispers the truth from Source, reassures me. My role now is to be an anchor for those that are changing. I’ve spent my life living in both the spirit world and the physical world. I’ve flitted from one to the other and back again with ease. I’ve learned to anchor myself in the solid HERE while my spirit explores the non-physical THERE.

I’m to hold space, my Highest Self tells me, and create a cord that brings them back to their physical bodies so they can do the work of evolving.

I’m to continue to guide my tribe as they evolve business that fit the new paradigm, the new way of doing work that we are being called to. That we can’t quite explain yet since it hasn’t fully been birthed.

But it is coming. And to prosper, we must evolve.

So I hold the space, connecting to Mama Earth. I place my feet flat on the ground feeling my roots sink into her warm, life giving soil. I open my third eye, connect with Source and listen in the spiritual realm.

I’m working on my next project from this space to reflect the evolution that is happening, to evolve as we evolve. I’m preparing a way to serve more of those who are evolving and those who are anchoring.

It is, I say with joy and pride, pretty magnificent. I am giddy working this way.

You, too, have work to do to prepare.

Perhaps you are feeling your DNA shifting, evolving you.

Perhaps you are an anchor for those around you to evolve.

Perhaps Source is working you in another way.

Whatever role you are playing, Dear Sister, I feel you when I meditate. I am grateful for the work you are doing. I am in awe of your willingness.

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