I spent Monday and Tuesday of last week at the Happiest Place on Earth celebrating Kiki’s 4th birthday.

Disneyland has become a birthday tradition for my grandchildren, and we are now planning the next one…. In 2019!

Between the rides, the balloons and the churros I would sneak a peek at the news.

It seemed almost immoral to step out of real life while the events in Charlottesville played out.

I was deeply aware of my privilege in those moments, my heart hurting for my friends of color and for what all of this means for our country.

And I was dismayed as the President continued to show exactly who he is, who he has always been, with his comments.

I snuck a look at the Facebook comments while my family was looking the other way.

One the struck me was the woman who said, “Don’t give me the bullsh*t about love being the answer. I’m angry….”

I can relate.

I honor her feelings.

I honor your feelings.

They are valid.

Shock, dismay, anger, resentment…

They are valid.


Love IS the answer.

It is the only answer that truly transforms the world into the haven that our human hearts long for.

Meeting hate with hate only diminishes our collective soul, breeds more hate, fear, anger,  death.

Love, the essence of all creation, is the most powerful energy that exists. It can overcome the hate.

We must learn how to use love, be love, give love and act for the highest love ALWAYS in order to change things.

Even as I write those words I’m aware of my own failure to do so.

I’m aware of my own resentments, my own jealousy, my own bitchy moments.

I’m aware of how difficult it is to be in a space of love when I’m feeling slighted, or my feelings are stepped on.

What must it be like for those with less privilege, who, because of their culture, religion or color of their skin, are subject to prejudice, fear, disrespect daily?

I wonder if I even have a right to say anything, much less make a declaration as bold as Love is the Answer.

Let me be clear.

Love does not equal silence or  inaction. Nor does it mean condoning the actions of those who act in hate.

When activists descended on the courthouse in Durham demanding that they too be arrested with those detained for pulling down a statue of a Confederate soldier in the city, they acted out of love. In the video you can hear them chanting, “We love you. Thank you.”

I’m exploring how I, in my own small way, can counter what is happening by bringing more love into the world.

How I can love the family member who tries to exclude me. The friend who insulted me. The neighbor who spent four years stalking me and trying to discredit me.

Uggg… I don’t want to. I want to plot my revenge. I want to get even. I want to DOMINATE… and that is the problem, isn’t it!?

The ultimate gift I can give my grandchildren, the greatest way I can make a difference, is to open my heart. To beam love at my offenders as much as I possibly can.

To recognize that they are my spiritual teachers. Teaching me about love, about forgiveness, about standing in my values with an open heart.

To ask, how can I bring more love into the world today?

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