I’m pissed.

Not a little bit.

A whole raging fire of anger.

It’s taken a while to let it out.

It took a shove from a brilliant healer, photographer Lindsay Miller.

What do you want from this shoot?” she asked.

“I want to look fierce, I want to stand for my tribe.” I answered.

“Are you angry?” she asked.

“Ummmm… yes?” I managed to squeak out.

“Let’s do anger,” she gleefully insisted.

I realized I wasn’t sure how.

Growing up, emotions weren’t welcomed in my house. Anger was hidden in righteous activism. It was sneaky, wrapped in ironic sarcasm. It was softened by frustrated tears, hidden from view.

In my first marriage, anger was dangerous. I hid my anger until it boiled over, exploding in rage and frustration. And the first husband didn’t put up with it, exploding back physically.

I would end up sometimes with bruises, but more often feeling scared, small, and unimportant. Anger wasn’t worth it.

But now… I’m in a different place. I’m a different person. And I’m pissed.

There are NOT good guys in the KKK. Racism in any form is wrong. Period.

Deporting Dreamers is not only wrong, it’s cruel and mean-spirited.

Global warming is real and we MUST take action to protect the planet.

And I won’t “come together” under any man who thinks its ok to talk about grabbing women by the pussy.

So I’m letting my anger out.

I’m letting it fuel me in taking a stand.

For women, for children, for the planet.

This is our time, women.

We, you, me, are needed.  We are needed to do the work we were meant to do, to heal ourselves and our tribes, to welcome large amounts of money that we can use for good.

My anger fuels my desire to actively, lovingly share the Art of Feminine Marketing in bigger, bolder, dramatic and dynamic ways.

To empower more women, and show them how they can honor their feminine essence and still make a lot of money in a business they love.

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