Last week I was sick. I don’t get sick often and I’m a real baby about it.

But I know enough to trust my body wisdom.

After a super busy August with a 5 day trip to Southern California, including 27 hours at Disneyland, and 9 days in Sedona with deep spiritual work, hiking, drumming and most of my Christmas shopping, I was tired.

I thought I could plow ahead when I got home.

My body wanted rest.

And so I got a chest cold.

My heart, literally, ached.

And my monkey mind went a little crazy.

“If I take the time to rest,” it said, “I won’t make the deadlines I’ve set for myself. I won’t do what is needed to serve my clients. I won’t create new products or programs. I won’t tell anyone about the early bird for the 2018 Art of Feminine Marketing Live weekend! I’ll be sunk….”  (Queue music: Jaws circling)

Then a voice whispered inside, “Shush,” she said, “Find the rhythm. Find your pace.”

“But,” Monkey Mind insisted, “The world is falling apart. We have fires on the West Coast, hurricanes on the East Coast, hate rallies in major cities and a bully in the White House. I have to do my part. I have to help as many woman as I can NOW. We have to make enough money, a lot of money, so we can take our place in making decisions and healing the planet.”

“Shush,” she whispered, “Be at peace, my love. You have all the time you need. Your natural rhythm serves better than this push, push, push pace you want to fall back into.”

And I realized, the voice is right.

And so I worked a little, and rested. I took naps, made soup, and cleaned a shelf in my closet so I had a place to put all those Christmas gifts.

I trusted that Source had my back. That all would be well.

As I regained my natural balance, things got done. Somehow, content was created. My clients were served. My team came through with awesome support.

I healed.

The world teaches us that to be successful we must ‘work hard’ and push. That owning your own business means working 70, 80, 90 hours a week. That making lots of money means big sacrifice.

But the Feminine is rising and she is asking us to consider a different way. To set a pace that is in line with our own natural, healing, nurturing tempo.

The Art of Feminine Marketing teaches us that those who listen and act based on their own inner pulse will ultimately most successfully attract abundance: money, time, space, fun, joy and health.

The Art of Feminine Marketing will free you from the self-oppression of the old definitions of how success is created, and opens the doors to more of what makes your heart rejoice.

This year I’ve been practicing a new pace. Not just when I catch a cold, but in my everyday business. I feel more free and happy, and my income is continuing to grow.

I encourage you to find your own rhythm for dreaming, creating and taking action. Work your business as if everything is rigged in your favor, because it is.

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