I’m feeling cranky.

Out of sorts.

A little nervous.

Maybe it’s because I’m at the tail end of that damn cold and I’m not quite fully better.

Maybe it’s because there is so much fear and anxiety floating around the country right now, and I’m feeling it.

Maybe it’s because I’m upgrading my way of doing things and I’m not quite used to it.

When the Art of Feminine Marketing was first unveiled   to me, I loved the idea of it: seven simple principles that, when put in place, would allow me to build a business that not only made lots of money, but honored my feminine essence.

I started the grand experiment  and put the practices in place.

I reintroduced mediation and spirituality into my business practices. I slowed down when my body wanted rest, took walks when my mind needed a break.

I committed to drinking more water and feeling more gratitude.

And it worked.

My life is rich with adventure, brilliant world-changing clients, a hot-shot business team, a community of women who love and support me and money flowing to support all of that.

I take LOTS of time off.

I play with my grandkids, I vacation with my husband, I retreat with my mentor.

And lately, Source has been whispering that there is more. That in the midst of planning a launch, I can also create and enjoy  spaciousness.

This is new.

Generally a launch is hectic and stressful, and I worry about getting it all done. The Feminine way, however,  is to make space, and  in the space, things get done with ease.

So I’m being easeful. Breathing deeply. Taking time to play my drum. Trusting my team. Ending each day at the time my body says to.

Not pushing.

And it is happening.

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