At our house we have another name for the pantry. At age 3, Kiki, attempting to prove that I was lying about not having candy in the house, called it the “dessert closet”.

Last night I had a dream that the unconscious woman in my dessert closet was waking up.

I grabbed a paring knife and, attempting my best snarl, opened the door hoping to scare her back into unconsciousness. I was worried about what she would say and what she would do. I was afraid she would get me in trouble.

Lately we hear a lot of talk about the feminine rising, but I was recently coached to understand it differently.

The feminine, deep, wide earth energy is not rising so much as she is awakening. She is stirring, in each feminine soul, stretching, demanding to be let out. Healers, soul-centered femprenuers, mystics, coaches… we are all feeling it.

This can be terrifying to our fragile egos. The ego that wants to keep that powerful part of ourselves unconscious, hidden, locked away because our ego-selves are terrified of what will happen when she is finally let loose.

And as the powerful feminine within us awakens then somehow our ego knows that we are about to get our just desserts.

We are about to receive exactly what we have earned in this life.

Our ego, in a panic, scans our past transgressions, reviews the history of what has historically happened to women in power, searches for justification to stay small, and threatens with its tiny little paring knife.

But it’s time for you to get your just desserts: the discovery that we are not separate, but interdependent with all that is, able to physically bring forth what we wished for spiritually.

You deserve an introduction to the sacred dance between your Feminine Essence who creates and your Divine Masculine who brings your creations into the physical realm.

I’m inviting you join me in waking. I’ll guide you into the mysteries of your own soul to discover the niche you have been divinely designed to serve; to gain an understanding of your tribe more deeply than they understand themselves; and to learn the language that will speak directly to their hearts so that clients come to you.

Then, together, we will let loose the masculine to create a marketing calendar that is as unique as you are, with formulas and strategies designed to flow with your natural rhythm.

You’ll enter into an intimate relationship with the energy of money, so that you open the doors to more flow and abundance.

Please join me for Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way.

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