I was challenged this weekend by my coach to do something that I hadn’t ever told her I wanted to do.

I want to do it.


I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months. Waiting for the right invitation. She just didn’t know it.

As I got into the car with my husband for our weekly 3 hour drive to the coast I said, “I’m really thinking it might be time to write a book.”

Two hours later I got this text message from my coach, “I think you should write a book. And I don’t usually should on people.”

Well, cr@p!!!

I have a ton of excuses not to:…

No time, don’t know how to structure it, don’t know how to market it, don’t want to have a hundred copies of something nobody is reading sitting in my garage gathering dust, don’t know if I want to expose myself (to this, husband says, “uh, honey you’re a thought – leader, on Facebook and stand in front of audiences…”), what will my family say……

My highest self answers, “Psttt..”

And nine chapter titles download.

Maybe there is something you’ve been wanting… badly.

Maybe there is a business, a mission, an up-level of your services you’ve been putting off.

I know you have excuses.

Yet, we need you.

The world needs your gifts.

This is the time for change makers, way-showers, , soul-centered coaches, healers, and mystics to stand forward.

Mama Earth is crying out for your healing magic.

I know it’s scary.

Yet, still, it’s time.

I’ll walk with you, side by side.

I’ll show you the secrets that have been revealed to me on how to build a financially successful business without selling your soul.

I’ll show you how to do the sweet, sacred dance between your wild, creative feminine and your divine and action oriented masculine to bring your magic, your programs and your products to the marketplace so you can make money now.

I’ll guide you down into the salt mines of your soul’s wounds, to uncover your divine right work, your tribe, and your unique marketing language. In giving those gifts, your wounds will heal.

I’ll teach you how to put it together in a marketing plan that honors your feminine essence, follows your natural rhythms, and allows you to create a 6+ figure business.

Join me for Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way, a five week journey to crafting a financially abundant business that is a unique and fabulous expression of who you are meant to be.

**Doors close on Thursday, Oct 12 and we start the journey next week. **

PS: I know you are afraid. You might even be thinking “This sounds good, but what if I’m not really good enough? What if I learn all this and still no one wants to work with me? What if someone else is better?”

Your highest self says “Psttt… You were born for this time. Take a breath. Now, it’s time.”

PPS: Yep, expect a book from me in 2018! If I can do that, you can do this … register now.

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