Two weeks ago, I started our final retreat of the year in New Orleans with my year-long program clients.

I had not been to the “Big Easy” before, but it’s been on my go to list for years.

Facilitating a client retreat in a city I’d never been to felt gutsy. I had no idea what would happen. Would we love the neighborhood, or hate it? Would we find restaurants to fuel us? Would the setting hamper, or help, the work?

Reflecting on the what ifs, I realized that this is a reflection of growing your business. You are constantly stepping into new territory not knowing what it will be like. Adjusting your plans based on what shows up.

As I set the container for the work, I trusted that Source would take care of us.

And she did. (Right down to losing our reservations in a Garden District Mansion three weeks before our arrival. And discovering a better home in a better neighborhood 20 minutes later.)

It was a week of laughter, tears, hugs, transformation, and ease.

A few years ago I would have said I worked “hard” during the retreat.

But this didn’t feel hard.

It felt joyous.




And yes, easeful.

I served deeply, and I reserved my well of energy at the same time.

The Divine Feminine danced with us showing the way to deeper work. I followed her lead, knowing that by tuning in and listening, something greater would happen.

I prepared well, then let go.

I witnessed women discovering and claiming their right work in the world, internal shifts to turn up their power; and new business plans emerging from the collective mistressmind of the group.

I encouraged table dancingstopped traffic during our Feminine Rising photo shoot in the French quarter,  pushed to go deepercollaborated with two amazing friends ~ Lindsay A Miller and Kristen Watts ~ and then, instead of collapsing, took six days off to play with my hubby in the Big Easy.

I’m struck by what a great life I’ve created!

It didn’t happen to me or by accident. I created this.

And I’m grateful for it.

My deepest wish is that you experience the same ease and abundance in your business.

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