Over the last several days I’ve had the honor of sharing the results of the Art of Feminine Marketing™ 2017 program through photos taken at two of our transformational retreats by the talented Lindsay A Miller.

I’m so grateful for each person who took the time to post a comment and support my amazing clients.

The photos are incredible.

And they don’t tell the whole story, which started when each woman stepped up and said “Yes”. Yes to her dreams, yes to her mission on the planet, yes to breaking old beliefs and stepping out of her old, tired comfort zones.

And each woman bravely did the work!

I led them together through the wounds of childhood, discovering their transformational skills, their divine right tribe, and the marketing language that attracts those clients.

We finished, and the wounds lost their sting.

In photographing the wounds, each woman discovered a deep compassion and love for the wounded part of themselves. Bringing that part out of the shadows gave them a powerful inner ally for creating massive results in their business.


Over the succeeding months, I showed them how to invite their divine masculine to support them with marketing plans, strategies and actions so their divine feminine could fully express her power.

And that was the second shoot.

The women stood in their Feminine Essence, fully visible, true creators, innovators and magnetically attractive. The Feminine shows the way toward a business of ease, influence and abundance.

I invite you to consider your own “yes” by joining us at The Art of Feminine Marketing™ Live 2018 event.

What would it feel like to:

  • Discover the gifts in your childhood wounds;
  • Deepen your connection with your Feminine Essence; and
  • Learn the marketing strategies and actions that will allow you to grow into your next level of success with ease and joy.

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