Her clear blue eyes were steady, penetrating. Her voice, clear and deep, resonated through my heart with the question: “Yes, but what do you want?”

I had just explained that my business was fine. I was making money, my clients were learning and were also prospering.  And  I was uninspired and getting bored.

Questions can break you open. 

It poured out.

I wanted more time with my clients to flesh out their marketing and strategies. I wanted more intimacy with their businesses. I wanted to take my clients away to beautiful, exciting locations and go deep into transformation.

“Then that is what you must do,” she declared.

It was scary at first to put this new plan in place.

I wondered, would my tribe sign on for a longer coaching period?

As I made deposits on retreat locations I worried if anyone would show up. I brought in a photographer,  and I hired team to support me. I moved ahead without any proof that I would be successful.

I followed my heart’s longing into an unknown future.

And it has been the best two years of my business life!

The photos you have likely seen on Facebook are the touchstones,  physical reminders that, by following my heart, I’ve had a more impactful influence on my clients and their growth.

Listening to my dreams provided greater opportunities for my clients to break out of the control of their woundedness, step into their divine feminine, and create businesses of their dreams.

Like Mary, who took off the polite masks that had kept her safe, declaring “No More.”

Mary bravely stepped into the true work she is here to do: healing women who have suffered from violence and abuse. She is taking a stand and her business is soaring.

This is the time of year to be asking that question: What do YOU want?

What would make your business more yummy?

What would make your life feel juicy and full?

What dream is calling you?

I invite you to consider joining me at The Art of Feminine Marketing Live 2018, as I show you how to turn the dream into reality in a way that honors your feminine essence and pays you well.

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