I spent the week between Christmas and New Years in the frozen Pacific Northwest, where all four of my children and 6 of our grandchildren had gathered. The snow was beautiful, the conversations hilarious and the little people:  so much fun!

We even ventured into the cold for some family photos:

That means I didn’t have my normal time to reflect on 2017 and plan for 2018.

I have plans… but much of it is still in my head in images and stirrings from my heart. My 2018 calendar is pretty bare.

I thought I could jump back in this week and crank it out.

And when I imagine cranking it, my body rebels. It finds a way to slow me down.

And so, in addition to kisses and preschool jokes, the little people shared their colds with me.

So this week, I’ll be easing back into my work flow,  gently teasing out the most important things, honoring my energy and flow.

I’ll be listening to my feminine soul more deeply, as I nurture myself back to health.

This is a new way for me. A few years ago I would have pushed through.  I’ve relaxed into a more feminine way of doing business, and the push has nearly disappeared. Things happen, great things, like new clients and expanded understandings, because I’m turning inward first. My marketing is flowing from being connected with Source. And I’m continuously blessed with ever increasing abundance.

I’m surrounding myself with other women who are also creating success by first tapping into their feminine essence.  We are highly influenced by those we surround ourselves with and these women are smart, dynamic, fun. They  call me to a higher level of operating in the world.

I’m sharing many of their voices with you next week in a free, online event so that you, too, can benefit from their wisdom.

Plan to join us for one, two or all three days for a freewheeling conversation about what it means to be a woman in business todayhow to create a 6-figure or better business without exhausting yourself, and your next right steps for successful and satisfying 2018.

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