When I tell people that I teach women world changers the Art of Feminine Marketing, they sometimes interpret that as a softer, fluffier way of marketing.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Feminine Marketing is a soft, loving, stake in the ground, powerful stand for healing the planet through our businesses.

I talk a lot about the dance of Feminine Marketing. Allowing the feminine to guide and create.

Letting the Masculine in us to give shape and action to the Feminine’s creations.

But there is more to it.

There is the place where you stand resolutely and without hesitation for your mission.

Of being willing to risk it all, in order to solve the pain of your perfect client.

Of standing on top of your highest vision for your life and business and putting a stake in the ground.

This is how you serve the most people.

This is how you make the most difference.

This is how you have the greatest increase in money flowing to you.

And yet…

It’s so, so scary!!!

It means taking chances.

Saying things that some people may not agree with.

Investing in yourself before the funds have arrived.

Taking time away from the doing, to allow the feminine space to create.

I know.

I’ve done this over and over and over in the past 15 years.

And the fear, it comes back every time.

But I have tools to deal with the fear.

I ask, “What part of me is afraid? What does it need?”

“What gift is being offered?”

“What is for the highest good of everyone?”

“What will bring the most love?”

I cry, or take a walk, or call my mentor. I work through it.

Then I do the scary thing. Because, in the end, taking a stand is the only thing I can do.

When I do, I grow. My business grows. My clients grow. Life becomes brighter, lighter.
I dance in joy!

Are you ready to take a stand for your mission? For your tribe? For your money flow?

I invite you to take a stand and join me at the Art of Feminine Marketing Live, Feb 23- 25th.

Discover the true meaning of Marketing from Your Divine Feminine!

Learn what it’s about Here

** Warning. I will not let you stand in fear. I will hold your hand, surround you with love, and push you out of your comfort zone into the next lane of influence, power and income in your business if you decided to attend! **

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