I say YES!

Yes, yes, yes.

Really, this is the key to all the success I’ve experienced.

When Source asked me to listen to an idea, I said YES!

When the Art of Feminine Marketing revealed herself to me, layer by layer, I said YES!

When I was nudged by an internal longing to gather with my tribe, I said YES!

I gathered my team and together we did the work of creating the Art of Feminine Marketing Live 2018.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I don’t know everything that will happen at the event! ** gasp**

I have an outline. I know the tools I’m being called to share. I’ve invited a few of my favorite business-soul-sisters to share their wisdom.

I know the impact that gathering with a community of women has.

But I don’t know what magic Source has in store for us.

And honestly, I don’t need to know.

My job is to be a channel for what wants to come into the world… deep inner work, strategic planning, visioning, laughter and community.

This is how I operate my business every day. This is how I will facilitate the event.

I know that I’m meant to share the core components of the Art of Feminine Marketing:

  • Connecting with your Highest Self. Remembering that we are all One. In oneness, the answers always serve the highest good. Your choices always lead to more and better for you and those around you. This is the most joyous place to make decisions for your future success.


  • Mining your wounds, the training ground for your work in the world. Society has taught us to fight our wounds, to focus on healing the wounded parts and forgetting the pain. The truth is that your wounds are your greatest liberator, not your prison warden. Finding the gifts, who you are meant to serve and how your wounds have uniquely trained you to serve them, leads to a whole new level of freedom and abundance.


  • Using your emotions as a compass. One of the most undervalued, priceless tools we are given… at birth… and society teaches us that we can’t use it. Learn to ride the waves and your income will swell.


  • Dancing with Money. Money, money, money! I love the dance. Receiving, spending, and giving. I’m meant to share tools to receive more, and use it wisely!


  • Empowering your inner masculine to take the right actions. In Feminine Marketing, the feminine leads the masculine follows. Strategy is implemented in a way that honors your natural rhythms, highlights your inner wisdom and is magnetic to your right tribe.  No strict formulas. Everything is done in a way that is life giving to the Feminine soul!

I say YES to these components.

As a matter of fact, I’m super pumped to share them!

And I’m excited for whatever else will show up.

The magic that happens in the experience where we co-create together.

The shifts that occur spontaneously when exactly the right people are in the same room supporting each other.

The new ideas that will emerge because the messengers have gifted themselves the time and space to be here.

I’m leaving lots of space for the unknown as well as the known.

Which is exactly what the Feminine loves.

I invite you to say YES!

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