It happened again. Someone I trusted didn’t do what she promised.

It was an important marketing task.

I was counting on her.

Her excuse? “You’ve fallen to the bottom of the list.”


I felt Deflated. Powerless. Unimportant.

Turning inwards I recognized that my primary wound had been activated.  It definitely had some sting, so I knew there was a gift.

I went deeper, inviting the wounded part of me to speak.

My inner witch/healer spoke.

“Julie,” she said, “As you  hasten to prepare for your event, remember who you are, what you stand for. Bless those who are attending. Prepare the table dressings and the wall hangings by infusing them with magic. Ground yourself deeply to be the conduit, to hold all that wants to happen for these women.”

I saw that I’ve approached The Art of Feminine Marketing Live differently this year than any other live event I’ve ever done.

This year I’ve followed my heart in marketing vs. sticking to a formula. I’ve flowed with my body’s rhythm taking time off to paint, to go to the gym, to play with my little people. I’ve let go of any anxiety that has crept in bybreathing deeply and dancing. I’ve been dreaming of puppies, instead of disaster.

And the work has gotten done.

But… The Art of Feminine Marketing Live is three weeks away. “Crunch time” is here.

“Crunch time” could mean staying up late to create handouts, designing and redesigning the curriculum, exhausting myself looking for the exact right outfits, letting go of all my self care in order to “be ready.”

In other words, I might be willing to let myself “fall to the bottom of the list.”

When that happens, all of the magic in doing things the Feminine Way disappears. I disconnect from source, my inner masculine is left without guidance and becomes a bully. My inner feminine slips away, taking my creativity and inspiration.

I know that my part is to prepare myself to be the best vessel for serving you at the event. So, I’ve put myself back on the top of my list. I trust that all the “to-do”s will get done.

To those of you coming, know that you will be held. That the Feminine will guide us. That the Masculine will support us.

You’ll learn to work with your own wounds, to extract the gifts that they carry so they cease to hold you back.

You’ll connect with the energy of money, opening yourself to a greater flow of abundance.

You’ll begin to create plans that align with your body’s rhythms and the rhythms of nature so that you are more effective in your marketing.

Your job, now, is to prepare your vessel. To eat high vibe foods, move your body, breathe deeply and trust that you are held.

For those who are not coming, know that I’m thinking of you as well. I’m sending a blessing that you be touched by the energy and vibration of the amazing women who are joining us.

If you haven’t yet decided if the Art of Feminine Marketing is right for you, I invite you to jump on the phone with me for a conversation.

I want you to have the clarity of a full bodied yes or a full bodied no. I promise to help you come to that clarity.

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