This morning I feel tired. I have no juice.

I’m not sure what, beyond the two appointments on my calendar, I should be doing with my day.

I recognize that this is the time of month to rest. What my friend, Becky, calls ‘into the darkness’ before a new moon rises.

I know that in just under two weeks, my live event begins. I need to be building my energy so that I can fully give. I need to rest, eat well, walk in nature.

And yet, a part of me urges action.

I turn inward.

Voices rip at me like a wild winter wind, filled with shards of ice and condemnation.

My ex-husband: “I subsidize your life.” “I make the money, I am the boss.” “You are worthless.”

The employment agency I sought help from when I was leaving an abusive marriage: “At most, you are worth $10 an hour.”

My parents: “It’s too dangerous for you to go out and work with your brothers at the family gas station. Stay home, do their chores so they can contribute.”

Society: “A woman must work twice as hard to be paid 1/3 less than her male counterpart.”

The voices fill my heart with heaviness.

I want to prove them all wrong.

I want to push and push and push until they all cower in shame for what they have said.

In my meditation, I gather the marginalized little girl part of me into my arms. I hold her close and whisper, “You are magnificent. You are perfect just the way you are. You are a child of God, of Source, of that which is greater. You are part of the wonder of life. You do not have to do anything to prove yourself.”

The voices swirl around me, but I am in the eye of the storm. Still, safe, sure.

I am valuable beyond measure. I have nothing to prove. I can listen to the whisperings of my soul.

And the heaviness lifts.

There will be times in your business when a  push is required. When you have an event, or a program that you are launching and you must complete certain elements before the deadline.

That push feels natural. It flows with energy. It’s fueled from within.

The push to prove, to do because society tells us to work hard, to step on the gas, even when your body is begging for rest … that push is deadly.

It will cost you your joy, your juice and, very likely, your health.

Learning to turn inward is vital to a business woman’s success and vitality. Just as taking correct action is vital.

On Feb 23 we gather for The Art of Feminine Marketing Live.

This is three days of learning when to turn inward, how to use the info gathered there, and when to take action toward your dreams.

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