I’ve been trying to write you a message for three days!!!!

I wanted to say something that would inspire you, support you, help you.

I wanted to be entertaining, maybe even funny.

You see, I’ve been thinking…

A lot…

About money.

Specifically, how I have manifested a 6-figure business that allows me to travel, take Fridays off for my grandbabies, and work with clients I adore.

I thought, if I can figure out what I do, I can share that.

It will be awesome!!!

But it felt boring.

Felt like what you can get from any money guru. And I’m not a guru!

I was so uninspired I walked away.

Came back.

Walked away again.

Then I realized, that no matter how much I fail, I keep coming back to it.

Not just this email, but the whole of my business.

I stretch myself a little more.

I mistressmind with my trusted biz-sisters.

I reach out to my mentor.

I order another book on Amazon.

I look inward, seeking guidance from my highest self and the energy of my business.

I have a chat with money.

I repeat my affirmations.

I start again.

Every time.

I walk in nature.

I play my drum.

I sing out of tune.

I dance wildly with flailing arms.

I start again.

I ground connecting with the energy of Mama Earth.

I open my third eye to see the unseen.

I examine my dreams.

I start again.

I stand in a sacred circle in meditation.

I feel my guides and ancestors surround me.

I send a heart invitation to those who I’m meant to serve.

I start again.

I jump on Facebook Live.

I make a phone call I’ve been dreading.

I send a love note to a client.

I follow up with a prospect.

I start again.

I can share with you every single practice I have.

** I do in my programs**

But the most important one:

I always start again.

What is calling to you today? What can you start again?

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