#7 is here!!! (Our 7th grandchild)

We welcomed baby Oscar to the family on March 8. I think he is quite beautiful.

His big brother, Elliot, was really excited.

Until he realized he had to share HIS daddy!

**Fortunately, I’ve crafted my business so I can take some extra time off and Elliot and I can have some special “Grammy Time.”  And give his momma and daddy a little extra space to adjust to having two littles in the house. **

baby oscarSo this is how Elliot handled the whole situation:

He went to nap with Daddy.

He wrestled and played.

Finally, he was sent to his own bed to nap. Something he usually does with ease.

He was silent.

We thought he was asleep.

Papa and I snuck out.

15 minutes later we got a text from Momma.

“Instead of sleeping, Elliot took his diaper off and painted his room and himself with poop.”

Yep. Seems like a perfect way for a 2 ½ year old to attract attention back his direction.

And we all get it when a 2 ½ year old does it.

But what happens when you are fully grown, and your little inner toddler acts up?

The part of you that doesn’t want to work, or is afraid to take the next step, or insists you watch one more episode of Top Chef first?

At the Art of Feminine Marketing Live we did a little hot seat coaching. And when we looked at where the hot seater was blocked, it was almost always a child part of themselves.

“Oh, I feel like I’m 3 years old”… “I see myself at 7”… “This is pre-birth. I feel so much anxiety”…

These inner children were actually stopping the women from acting on well made plans to start, or grow their businesses. They knew WHAT they should be doing, but had no clue why they weren’t doing it.

And so I worked with them, listening to that little part of themselves. Loving it. Allowing it to go off and play.

Once that was done, the adult part of the women took over.

They were able to see the path toward their dreams.

And since the event, they have been taking action and producing results.

When I checked in with my Highest Self this morning she advised, “Manifest like a MOTHER today.”

She was letting me know that manifesting my heart’s desires, required taking care of the little girl in me. That just taking action would feel laborious and not get very far.

What I did for my women at the event, I needed to do for myself.

Quiet the tears of the scared, freighted little girl who just wants you to like me.

Give her abundant love.

Send her out to play so I can get on with the work that needs to be done.

  • Like sending this note.
  • Mapping out the next project… which I’m super excited to share.
  • AND.. TA DA… A plan to roll out the next series on the podcast!!! All about money!

 ~~~ The energy of money;

~~~ Creating a relationship with money;

~~~ Opening the flow for more money;

~~~ and more!

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Four spaces are still available in the year-long Art of Feminine Marketing Mastermind.



The mastermind is a deep dive experience in crafting a business that honors all of you;

So that your inner child knows she is loved and accepted, and she doesn’t have to paint with poop to get your attention.

So that your inner witch feels welcomed and safe in practicing her magic.

So that your inner dragon fuels the fire of your mission, creating massive uplevels.

So that your Inner Feminine and your Inner Masculine dance at the highest vibration, bringing your vision into the physical reality where you can be recognized as a leader and compensated well.

Secret Handshake

One of the women who will be joining for the second year recently told me, “I’ve learned so much from you! I’m so excited for this year!”

I’m excited too. The women in this group are stellar.  

And we have room for you!

So give your scared inner little girl some love. Tell her the grown up you will take care of business.

Then take me up on the invitation to click here to schedule a call with me and clarify if this program is right for you.

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