In the first episode of this groundbreaking series, Emma Churchman and Julie Foucht delve into a subject that many of us were taught is taboo: Money.

Throughout the series, we dive into all aspects of money and money mindset to help you have the breakthroughs you need to get to the next financial level in your business.

However, it’s not just about making money in your business, which is important. More than that, it’s about generating more abundance in this world and transforming consciousness on the planet.

Our path of healing and influencing the world on a global level is dependent on changing our understanding of and relationship with the energy of money in life-giving ways.

In this episode, we explore what money actually is and how you can begin to change your reality of money.

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Exercises & Resources from the Episode


Exercise Purpose: Discover what your core beliefs about money are.

  1. Remove a dollar bill from your wallet. ** If a $1 bill doesn’t make you uncomfortable, use a $5 bill or a $10 bill. This should make you struggle a little.**
  2. Tear the bill into small pieces.
  3. Journal what thoughts, emotions and beliefs pop up for you as you do this exercise.

Let us know what answers you got!

Resource from the episode: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles


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