I’m here, on retreat, thinking of you.

And thinking of me.

While here, I’m taking advantage of the time to write.

Julie writing on retreat

This afternoon I finished the first chapter of my new book.

It was hard, painful work.

I dug into my first marriage. This is such an enormous part of my foundation story I can’t avoid it. A huge part of my mission is to empower woman to make a lot of money so they have choices. So they don’t have to stay in abusive relationships, life-sucking jobs, places that don’t serve them.

And so I wrote.

And cried.

And then, I did my work. The work I do with my clients. The work for which I’ve been called a ‘wounds badass.’

I recognized that where there is emotion, there is wound.

Where there is a wound, there is a gift.

Wounds are amazing mechanisms for learning. They carry the lessons for us to gain the deep skills that we will use to care for our clients. They are the essential piece in developing our unique gifts and our unique position in the marketplace.

Some of the gifts of this wound had already been given. I know them intimately.

~~ My ability to read people comes from needing to read my first husbands moods and respond accordingly.

~~ My skill in seeing what is not shown, hearing what is not said, comes from that same need. And it’s very helpful in helping my clients uncover the blocks to success that they can’t see or hear themselves.

AND, as I did the work on this particular wound, I saw more.

~~ I know how to create a strong spiritual boundary that guards the soul and essence even in the midst of torrential storms. As the world surges around us in violence and anger,

~~ I know how to safeguard the feminine, and the brave women who are dedicated to this new way of building businesses that  honor the feminine.

~~ I know how to use words to turn the tide, to create a different reality. When he threw books at me, stormed forward with fist raised, I knew the exact spell to stop him. Dropping into a curled ball, I said “Please do not hurt me.” And he would stop. This, the ability to use words, is a super power which I use today in service of my tribe.

Julie teaching

Each day as I help my clients to craft powerful intentions, I use the skill of my words.

Every month as I guide my women in setting our action steps with declarations, I show them the power of their words.

When I teach my tribe to weave their own unique words into marketing that becomes a sirens call for their right tribe, I use this skill.

When I’m in the hills of Santa Fe, the rocks above  Sedona, the sand on the beaches of Monterey playing my drum, I add my voice, singing words of prayer and praise, spinning spells of power for my life, my business, my clients.

Your emotions, dear one, are markers which say “Dig Here”,  indicators that a wound lays beneath.

The wound comes with a gift. When you identify the gifts, you gain a greater understanding of who you are, how you are meant to serve your tribe, and how you can position yourself in the marketing place so that they can find you.

And when the gift is received, the emotion is released and the wound closes.

I invite you to consider your own wounds. What gifts are yet to be recovered from them? What more can you learn by exploring?

And if you desire an experienced ‘wounds badass’ to guide you through the process of uncovering the gifts in your wounds, I invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me to see if I’m the right person to support you on your journey.

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