I went down.


I felt my lower back seize up.

I laid on the floor sending love into my back. I took my time getting up. And, it appeared, that I would get out without suffering any long-term effects.

I was really happy.

Over the next two weeks, I was really busy getting supplies so my contractor could get the new condo ready to move in. I lifted boxes of tile, gallons of paint, and even helped unload toilets and vanities.

My back whined every now and then reminding me to be more careful about lifting with my legs and stretching.

But that wasn’t enough, and last week I woke up unable to walk.

My lower back had completely gone out of alignment pinching off nerves and affecting my ability to move.

Now I could have panicked. I have lots on my plate. In addition to the renovations and upcoming big move into the new condo, I have several business items that I am super excited to develop and share.

Instead, I’m spending a lot of time at the chiropractor and laying on the couch with ice.

Oh yeah, and lots of time trying to get dressed. This morning it took 15 minutes to figure out how to put on my yoga pants without being able to lean over!

This is life.

It happens.

And one of the skills of being a successful entrepreneur is keeping your business going when life happens.

I talk to so many women who say, “The universe is giving me signs that I can’t have my dream business.”

This is so not true. Source wants you to be happy and to be living your purpose.

And life happens.

How you choose to respond is what determines your success.

Here is what I did:

  1. Took care of me! I went to the chiropractor, asked for help loading paint into my car and took lots of time to rest and ice.
  2. looked inward, asking my body why this happened, what was the lesson for me.
  3. I looked at all the projects on my plate and decided which could be put off until later, what could be eliminated and where I could ask for help.
  4. outsourced! Anything that didn’t absolutely need me to do it got assigned to others.
  5. Finally, I created a reasonable timeline for the things I DO have to do. Like client work and writing to you.

And I still get to do what I love, helping women live their Divine Purpose while making lots of money.

Because life is all a lot easier with money as a partner! 

I invite you to consider what it would be like to know that Money has your back, no matter what. That when life happens, you will have the resources to keep going, because you’ve created a great relationship with money. That you know how to manifest with ease, so you can take care of whatever life brings.

I’ve opened the doors to the Art of Sacred Money retreat, June 23 and 24 in Aptos California. 

Money Retreat - Aptos, CA

-In our two days together you will learn-


  • Who you need to be in order to double your income in the next 6 months
  • What you need to give up in order to expand your flow of money
  • How to be clear with your desires, so Source knows what to deliver to you (** there are hints in my story**)
  • How to receive ** This is a skill we aren’t taught, and you must master if you want more money, time, freedom and ease**
  • The universal laws of manifesting your desires

~~~ This is limited to six women by application only. Apply here ~~~

I’m so looking forward to manifesting with you.

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