Ive been through the desert on a horse with no name.. Those lyrics keep running through my head. Perhaps because I chose to facilitate a client retreat in Joshua Tree, located in the Mojave Desert. desert

Some of the women in my program questioned my choice. One even sent a message the night before: “Where are you taking us????!!!!” Turning off the main drag onto the dirt road where our home for the weekend was located sent another wave of “WTF” through the women. And I knew it was the perfect spot for the work we were about to do. I had asked source for guidance. This was the place she led me to. The work of mining their wounds for gifts. The work of turning inward to the dry, neglected corners of their souls to reclaim parts that had been hidden, pushed away, neglected. And we found those parts.

  • The guilty one
  • The angry mama
  • The resentful child
  • The regretful old woman

And also:

  • The joyful little kid
  • The fully empowered woman

On the third day, they stood on the desert floor and danced with these newly reclaimed parts of themselves. It was wild, ecstatic.  Mama Earth supported us with a light wind, solid ground and healing energy. bonding in the desert

The desert, with a little rain, explodes openly with beauty and color. The women did the same, and this reclamation is the power to make their dream businesses a reality. This is the work of the Feminine! In just a few moments, I’ll be jumping on the phone with them to share how to bring their inner masculine to play, using the experience of the weekend to create marketing copythat magnetizes their right people and translates into more sales. I invite you to your own transformation experience that will translate into more money flowing into your life at the Art of Sacred Money Retreat  June 23 & 24 in Aptos, CA. -In our 2 days together you will learn-

  • Who you need to be in order to double your income in the next 6 months
  • What you need to give up in order to expand your flow of money
  • How to be clear with your desires, so Source knows what to deliver to you (** there are hints in my story**)
  • How to receive ** This is a skill we aren’t taught, and you must master if you want more money, time, freedom and ease**
  • The universal laws of manifesting your desires

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