This week I fired a client!

Holy Shit.

It was uncomfortable.


Was I letting her down by letting her go?

Was I wimping out?

And yet.

She wasn’t doing the work. Wasn’t showing up for appointments. Wouldn’t make time to get on the phone with me to work on her stuff. Falling into serial cycles of victim and bullying.

My tribe doesn’t do this.

I wonder, as I share this, if I’m letting you down. Suggesting that you just fire clients willy-nilly and everything will work out in the end.

I don’t believe in that.

When someone hires you, it is a sacred contract. It is your responsibility when they run into their fear, their resistance, their self-doubt, to stand up for them. To call them out. To believe more in them than they believe in themselves.

This was different. (And the only time I’ve done this in 13 years of coaching.)

This time, it was about something bigger. About preserving and enhancing standards of how I work and who I work with.

You see, last week I was on the phone with one of my mastermind sisters.

She had a block that she couldn’t identify around an upcoming launch.

Yet, I could see that she was willing and open to give her all and receive the rewards. I could see that the launch she was working on was wide open, ready for a flow of clients and money.

Standing between was a dark trollish figure preventing them from connecting.

“What is that??” I asked.

Between us, we explored this dark trollish figure.

We saw that it was coming from the collective energy of our human community that is currently filled with fear and uncertainty.

A dark energy of not knowing how to deal with the anguish of children torn from parents, of bullying being the accepted price of policy, of school children learning how to respond to an active shooter on campus, and more.

The darkness of it all stands between us and what we desire to achieve in our businesses, our communities and this world.

Normally, my soul-sister and I would be compassionate. We would extend love, heal and transform the creature.

But this time we were told “This cannot stand,


And so I find myself coming to a new level of what I accept. From myself. From my clients. From my community, in this world.

I will not stand in victimhood.

Nor will I accept that as a response from others.

My clients may feel weak, they may have self-doubt, they may lose hope. As a matter of fact, they will likely experience all of these emotions, as it is big work they are up to. And I always hold them as capable. I always see them as powerful.

As long as they are willing, I  work with them to help them rediscover their power, their mission, their magic. As long as they are willing, I am the fierce Mama Bear, Dragonfire champion for them.

And each time they come back to the truth of their magnificence.

And those that are not willing, who cling to their victim status unwilling to consider other options, I release.

I will BLOW IT UP… the idea that being a victim serves us well… I smash that into 1 million pieces.

I invite you to stand with us.

We women can no longer cling to the shadows. The time is upon us to stand up. To speak out. To let go of being a victim to our stories, to our history, to our fears.

Now is the time to transform our woundedness, mining the gifts from our traumas and turning them into the strengths that uniquely position us to serve our tribes.

Now is the time to step into our divine right work and provide the healing salve our future clients have been praying for.

Now is the time…

Oh… and on the other side of the darkness waiting is money, recognition, fulfillment… that business that shimmies into your consciousness when you let go and dream.

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