Try this on for for a minute:

What if you could permanently…

  • Say NO to second-choices – because being okay with second best or just enough is NOT enough. No way, no more!
  • Say NO to tolerating less-than results in any area of your life – because you were not born to play small.
  • Say NO to living a life where stress and overwhelm are considered “normal” – because you already know that exhaustion leads to confusion & procrastination NOT results and you are SO over this!!
  • Say NO to sacrificing, over-striving & still feeling like you are falling behind everyone else!

If you are sick and tired of struggling and striving only to be rewarded with menial results in ANY area of your life, then I am super happy to formally introduce you to my amazing friend Cyndi Padilla!

** Remember when I told you about my amazing road trip from Santa Fe to Sedona in March? Cyndi is the buddy I road tripped/ masterminded/ and laughed across the desert with!**

From the day I met her, Cyndi has defied the status quo and what’s considered normal in business growth!

After all, we took ten days for ceremony, sisterhood and adventure as part of our business model… that’s not normal!

Cyndi is a ‘Corporate Survivor’ (lol!).
She left her 6-figure corporate J.O.B with paid vacations, benefits, a 401K (the works!) in November 2013 with only a knowing, a deep intuition that it was time to end this phase of her career/life.

She took the LEAP without a plan, yikes!!
She jumped into this crazy world of being an entrepreneur and partnered with her husband to create a very successful Done For You Sales & Leadership company, Gain the Edge.

She built a NEW reputation.
Working as a team, she and her husband quickly became known as “Jim & Cyndi, the Sales Experts” working with 7-figure coaches and thought-leaders who you probably follow like Bill Baren, Elizabeth Purvis, Sage Lavine and Justin Livingston. 

In their FIRST year of business, they hit $300K. Then, in their second year of businessthey skyrocketed to $1.1 million year!!

Holy Guacamole (as my granddaughter would say)!

I got to watch Cyndi build and lead a $1.1M business within TWO short years of leaving her job.

So, what makes Cyndi different from everyone else who ditches their successful, corporate careers to start their own businesses?

How did SHE soar when so many others barely leave the ground?

What makes Cyndi different is that she understood very early that highly successful and skilled women, like us, can literally DO anything!

The problem is, too many women are DOING it all wrong. 

Cyndi does not deny that she is different.  ** To be in my inner circle she has to be different**

Her difference is the way that she is BEING. And that way of being can be learned…

Cyndi’s way of BEING is disruptive and countercultural to probably everything you were taught about becoming successful in business and life.

I invite you to imagine a new and exciting reality…

A reality where you make more ($$$) while doing less.

A reality where you make lightening-fast SMART decisions that lead to business growth.

A reality where you elegantly and powerfully move through the world with a magnetic and irresistible energy.

A reality where you are a highly paid woman!

All of this is possible for you.

At my live event last February Cyndi previewed what she refers to as the “cornerstone” to her exponential success. And FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER she is sharing it in the world.


Can I get a woohoo!

THIS is it ladies! This free resource is not to be missed!

I believe in it so much that I made sure all of my clients have a copy. I’ve seen with my own eyes what her practices can do. I use them in my own life and business.

Cyndi is passionate and fully committed to helping women to get off the hamster wheel and acquire the skills, habits and mindset of high-performance women entrepreneurs. And both of us are here to support you in making sure you achieve 7-figures (or whatever success looks and feels like for YOU) without the overwhelm, exhaustion & despair.

Check out her FREE Gift today.

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