“Oh gosh,” I said, “I’m tired of feeling small and unimportant. I’m tired of struggling to make enough money. I’m a little angry that I feel so powerless, so helpless.

My mastermind buddy looked at me solemnly. Her sharp, blue eyes penetrating deeply.

“But what do you WANT?” she asked.

The words tumbled out.

“I want to work deeper, do magic, travel, have phenomenal client experiences, heal women’s deep and hidden wounds, make money, be me…. I want to bring my woo woo, witchy self back into my work.”

“Well then,” her voice boomed, “You must.”

I felt the truth hit me in the center of my chest. Thrust itself into my deepest knowing. I must bring ALL of me back into my work.

This was a scary thought.

I didn’t advertise the way I worked.

I didn’t talk about how I connected to Source for guidance. How I read Tarot cards during client calls as a way of tuning into what was hidden behind the words. How I saw energy blockages in my clients and helped nudge these blockages out of the way.

I talked about how to use Facebook. How to write a mission statement. How to get the most from a networking event.

Basically, my marketing was all about my Masculine strategies. 

And now I was being called out for something more.

Perhaps you’ve felt this calling out lately? 

You are feeling small, and powerless to achieve your dream. To have the respect and acknowledgment you long for. For your message to spread worldwide. For your bank account to show how much you are appreciated by your clients.

You are being called to lay it all on the table, to hold nothing back.

Like I was, you may be thinking that if you do, you’ll crash it ALL. No one will respect you anymore. No one will listen. You’ll be branded as “one of those people.”

I say, Fuck that. 

When I finally took the plunge, I cried. I sent the first email revealing my witchy ways, and I was really afraid.

But you know what? My business grew.

My income grew.

My satisfaction and joy grew.

The Art of Feminine Marketing began to reveal herself to me.

I stopped, I listened, then I spoke my truth.

It was GOOOODDDD. Damn! 

Your truth, the full and unmitigated truth of who you are, is the most powerful thing you bring to the table.

In spite of your wounded parts that plead with you to stay hidden. Despite the hidden beliefs that whisper, “Who do you think you are”. In defiance of all the people who want to pull you back into the crab pot with them.



Let that settle for just a moment…



But here’s the thing. Those nasty little beliefs, wounds and crab pot people will keep tugging at you, keeping you from the fullness of your magnificence and ultimate success. UNTIL you learn how to shift them, shush them, heal them.

This is the work of the Feminine! 

Until this work is done, all of the efforts of your Masculine, the doing, strategizing, taking action, will amount to very little.

For success to happen, the Feminine leads, the Masculine follows.

In the Art of Feminine Marketing Guidebook I share the tips to keep you connected to your truths, pull the gifts from your wounds, and finally create the 6- or 7-figure business you desire.

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