Sunday left me sad and raw.

My sweet little orange cat finally reached the end, and we agreed to allow our veterinarian to euthanize her.

I was proud of my strength. I let her go for her good, didn’t ask for a few more days, a few more pats, because I knew she was in pain.

I was proud of my tears. Letting them stream unchecked as the vet advised us, as we signed the form, as the final injection was given, and while  I left the office walking past other pet owners busy with their fur babies.

I continue to be proud, as I feel waves of emotion wash over me, letting them come and go. Not holding onto pain because I should. Not pushing it awaybecause it’s uncomfortable. Letting it come.

And go.

Because, there are also between moments when I’m fine. When I know that she is fine. When I know that it is all rigged for our highest good.

And the funny moments. Like when I plopped the other cat onto her bed and he jumped straight up in the air, like he thought she was still there.

And the productive moments, like this one, where the voice of the Feminine implores me to speak. And my Divine Masculine, hearing Her cries, opens a word document and types.

Because, <<First Name>>, this is how we honor all life. By being in it. By making our work a part of it. By making life a part of our work.

And if we let life stop our work, we are victims of circumstance. The work, the mission, our reason for being goes on. The people who are crying out for us, continue to need us.

I’m not talking about ‘pushing through’, but continuing while still experiencing.

This takes practice. We aren’t taught this in business school. It is the way of the feminine.

When we build a business through the feminine, we are welcome in whole. Our emotions are honored and valued. Our connection to Source is deepened. Our wounds carry gifts that teach us how to better serve our tribe. The right actions that will lead to success are revealed.

Business flourishes.

And so it is.

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