Last weekend we took the granddaughters to Disneyland while the parents vacationed in Key West.

My plan was to keep them moving, keep them busy. That way, they wouldn’t have time to miss Mommy and Daddy too much.

After the first day, we realized that planning each detail and rushing to meet reservations for lunch, for dinner, for shows was just too much. As I watched the “50th” meltdown of the day, sitting in the viewing area for Fantasmic while eating a late dinner of cinnamon rolls and popcorn (because my dinner plan didn’t work out) I realized that some plans were made to be broken. Fixed vacation planning was just not going to work!

So, on our second day, I let go of my old vacation habit of over-planning. Instead, we decided to follow our pleasure. I canceled our reservation to eat at Goofy’s Kitchen (sorry Goofy!) and just followed what the girls wanted.

I created a new container for fun, which meant: yes to snacks at every cart, yes to twice paddling canoes around the lake (A new amazing favorite; who knew?), yes to stopping on the way to a ride in order to enjoy a parade or show.

Day two was magic. We lucked onto parades at just the right time with little open spaces in the viewing area just big enough for us. We hopped off the train just as a show was starting. And we rode Splash Mountain twice, back to back, with each girl getting an opportunity to sit in front and twice ducked into the Haunted Mansion for a spooky cool-down.

As I slip back into business mode, I can’t help but compare this experience to running a business the Feminine Way. 

If I’m solely in my masculine, pushing to meet arbitrary deadlines and doing activities just because they are part of a predefined formula, I end up feeling completely driven by external forces, powerless and bitter with small results.

When I slow down, allowing my Feminine to lead, following pleasure, things fall into place. All kinds of help, inspiration, and positive coincidence shows up. The right clients find me. The right lessons fall from my lips. Success appears.

This is not about NOT DOING. It is about first, going inward. Connecting with Source, my highest self, the energy of my business.

Second, raising my vibration, feeling the power of my mission rise through my energy centers.

Third, attending to my emotions. Taking care of any parts of me that are feeling hurt, wounded, angry or left out. Making sure that all the parts of my inner world are on board and willing to allow success to happen.

And then, connecting with the souls of those who I’m meant to serve, who have been waiting for an invitation to join me.

And only then, do I reach out. I write the copy, post the messages, and send the invitations. I allow my Divine Masculine to GO INTO ACTION creating in the physical world what my Divine Feminine has dreamed in the spirit realm.

Which has led to:

More ease.

More income.

Easier sales conversations (because I’m attracting the right people).

More acknowledgment of my gifts in the world.

More connection with my tribe around the world.

More love, fulfillment, satisfactionand Money!

Right now, I’m getting ready to share how you can feel this way about your business too. I’m not quite ready to tell you about it, but I’m getting super excited! 

In the meantime, I invite you to download the Art of Feminine Marketing™ Guide for free HERE.

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