It seemed too soon for me to be thinking about another cat. But Ziggy cat was so lonely.

And so, as a part of Grammy Camp, I took the girls to the Humane Society.

Where we met and adopted Lionel.

Lionel is everything a kitten should be. Playful, sweet, full of purrs. We fell in love.

Ziggy did not.

Cats take time to warm up to each other. I know that and I’m happy with the bits of progress we are seeing.

Lionel, however, wants to be friends NOW. He leans into Ziggy only to be swatted away. He meows with big innocent eyes only to be hissed at. I see him staring at Ziggy and imagine his little kitten brain transmitting this message, “Like me, like me, like me….”

Oh Lionel, I get it. Who doesn’t want to be liked?

In the business world, when you transmit the message, “Like me, like me”, your business will suffer.

No one wants to hire a needy person.

I learned early in my coaching career that you can either be liked, or be effective. If you aren’t occasionally pissing someone off, shocking someone, turning off the wrong peeps, then your messaging is probably too generic and safe to attract the right ones!

Your tribe wants you to be bold, to be out there, taking a  stand…for them. To be willing to be the Mama Bear when they feel weak. And their biggest champions when they step center stage.

Mama Bears don’t wander around trying to be liked!

If you are a people pleaser, like me, this can be a hard thing to learn. For the longest time, I kept my business small by trying to be liked by everyone.

I hid huge parts of my work from the world. I thought that NO ONE would like me if they knew…

That I read Tarot cards…

That I hear spirit voices…

That the energy of my business directs my plans…

That I am a little bit witch, a whole lot woo…

I focused my marketing solely on the masculine aspects of business, the formulas and to-dos. (I got really good at this.)

Until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I took the bold step of being ok with NOT being liked by everyone. 

What a joyful relief.

Freed from the chains of needing to be liked, I was able to take a stand.

A stand for doing business differently:

  • To making plans from your soul’s guidance, not because some marketing guru says it’s the only way. So we meditate, we talk to the energy of your business, we spend time in the spirit world connecting with your divine right tribe before taking a single action in the physical world.
  • To following the trail of your emotions, finding the gifts within your wounds, so you can serve the world more deeply. Because your wounds hold the secrets to positioning yourself as uniquely designed to serve your right tribe, to finding the right words to attract your tribe and to healing yourself so you are fully fit to serve your tribe.
  • To focus on a deeper relationship with money, filled with love, respect and support so you can open the flow to wealth. Because Source wants and needs you to be wealthy.

I take a stand for women, building businesses that are soul-inspired, crafted in collaboration with their Divine Feminine and make a lot of money. 

Because when women have money, we can take a seat at the table of decision makers. We can control our own destiny. We can give where it most matters. We can change the world.

Maybe you resonate with this? Or you are just reading so you can mock me later?

I don’t care which. (ok, a little part of me cares, but I’ve patted her on the head and sent her off to the beach with ice cream.)

My invitation is for you to take a stand. One that feels a little dangerous. That is outside your normal marketing box. And that allows you to fully express all of who you are!

And prepare to be amazed at the results!

With all my heart,

PS… Please share your stand, tag me if you post on social media, and use my hashtag#ArtOfFeminineMarketing.

PPS…. I’m working on something special for you…. You’ll have details soon…. XO!

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