The other day I was on the Facebook page of one of my inner circle MistressMind sisters. She was talking about how much money her mistakes have lost her.

I’m impressed.



This is different. Maybe even a little dangerous for her to admit. Could it cost her sales? Will it damage her reputation?

Then I see the comment on her page proffered by a man who claims he has been in business for 32 years and never made a mistake.

OH ICK!!! My bullshit meter hits the red level.

This person is either:

A. Delusional
B. A liar
C. Both
D. Plus a perfect example of the OLD WAY of marketing

The truth is that everyone makes mistakes. NO ONE is immune. It’s a condition of being human. 

But in the old style of masculine marketing it’s all about being THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS HOW and being perfect at it… yuck, yuck, yuck.

The Art of Feminine Marketing™ is new paradigm. It requires a deeper level of vulnerability and honesty.

It asks us to share our secrets, allow our emotions to show, to be REAL …

Think about it.
Don’t you like people better when they are REAL?

Wouldn’t you rather have a leader who says, “Look, I’ve f**ed up… often, a And I’ve still built a 7-figure business. So I know how to do it despite my flawed self..”

Rather than a leader who says, “I’m perfect; so, you should hire me or you will fail…”

Ok, now that that is off my chest….

Let me tell you why what my friend shared is delightfully dangerous… and why it will be ultimately more successful than  let-me-help-you-fake-out-your-audience-by-claiming-something-untrue.

(Can you tell I’m a little fired up about this?)

It’s dangerous because people will judge her. They might challenge her. They might say nasty things about her. They might hurt her feelings. (Don’t worry, my friend can handle all this. She is a Goddess.)

On the other hand, people will relate to her. They will read on. They might look more closely into her business or her offerings. The right people will feel her message in their core and be so inspired they will choose, right then, to work with her.

Ultimately, her honesty and vulnerability will guide the right people, the people she is meant to lead, to her doorstep. Ultimately, this honesty is the reason my friend was able to build a 7-figure business in the first place.

BTW – I fail a lot too… I don’t like it… but it happens. Like my friend, I don’t let it stop me. I look for the lessons, then move on.

I’m issuing a challenge…

Do something for your business this week that you might fail at. Push yourself. Then be real and share the results.

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