Last night I had a vivid dream of lions and tigers roaming the streets. I was afraid for my family and friends, yelling at them to get indoors. Suddenly, a  woman in a long velvet purple dress appeared and slipped out the door.

I was afraid. Afraid for her. Afraid to watch what I was sure was about to happen

I didn’t want to see a human being, any human being, torn apart by wild snarling beasts.

And yet, she slipped calmly through them, confidently and intentionally, she chooses the right path. And the big cats part before her. The very essence of Feminine Power.

Lately I’ve been exploring what it means to be feminine and powerful.

To feel both fierce like a hunting lioness and sexy like the Goddess walking among men.

I’m sensing what others in my tribe are feeling. The Feminine is rising.

I feel Her stirring in my chest, in the palms of my hands, in the soles of my feet. She’s demanding of us a higher level of integrity in who we are being. She is asking for a higher level of commitment toward coming home to our true selves.

Within each of us is a flawless internal compass that guides our journey toward wholeness, toward ourselves as earthly representations of the Divine Feminine.

It is in our emotions that we discover immediate feedback.

Fear, worry, and overwhelm are all signals that it’s time to stop and take a deep breath. It is time to calm our lizard brain that counsels fight or flight, with heart-directed love. It is time to make space for our highest self to speak her whisper of delighted direction.

The tingling of joyous déjà vu that lights our flame of desire is simply our body’s way of telling us we are on the right track, to move forward toward those things that bring true happiness.

And anger. Sweet, throat scratching, salty with sobbing, curse filled anger that we have been taught is unbecoming to women, is both a necessary sign that our most cherished virtues have been stomped on and power that we can use to right the world.

The woman in my dream shows me all of this. The big cats too, because they are also symbols of feminine power.

I choose to make my stand here, in the midst of the beautiful, prowling wild creatures. I commit to a business with more wildness, more flirting, more feminine power.

Will you join me?

I’ll be hopping on Facebook tomorrow at 11 AM Pacific to share more about business building the feminine way. Please join me and share your thoughts.

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