“Maybe I should just get a job…”

Have you ever thought this? In the wee hours of the morning, when your mind won’t let go of the list of things still not done, the bills piling up, the dreams of success that seem so far away, does this old song sneak its way into your head?

Breathe.. just breathe….

If so, just breathe…

Breathe into the fear of being left behind as all your business buddies surge ahead in seeming effortless success.

Breathe into your doubts that you will never find a way that feels truly authentic, that you are fundamentally broken and nothing will help.

Breathe as you remember all the mentors you’ve invested in, all the courses you have bought, the events you’ve attended, that didn’t get you anywhere.

Then Breathe in the truth….

You are a Goddess. A reflection of the Divine Source that moves within you. You were made for this work and for these times.

And all the formulas and strategies that you’ve tried to fit yourself into, failed to take this into account. That to do your work, you must include ALL of you. 

Shit, darlin’… no wonder you’re feeling scared.

But before you give up on your business and go get that job, (because the world truly needs you to do your healing work NOW) I’d like to offer a different way.

Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way.

Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way is uniquely designed to guide you in building a business that honors all of who you are, and makes you a ton of money.

In five weeks I’ll walk side by side with you and share the fundamental principles I use to create my 6-figure, soul-led business.

  1. Connect with the energy of your business for guidance so that you trust, without a doubt, when you are on the right track and what your next right step to success is.
  2. Discover your divine right niche. You’ll stop hiding the “woo” parts of you and bring all of you into service of those you are uniquely designed to help.
  3.  Craft programs and packages in collaboration with the energetic avatar of your perfect client making marketing easy and client attraction magnetic.
  4. Create a joyful relationship with money, healing the internal blocks that keep money at a distance and opening the flow of abundance into your business.
  5. Design a marketing plan that is in rhythm with your unique design, allowing you to leave the hamster wheel of constant struggle behind for good. 

In addition to a weekly lesson plan, complete with worksheets, templates and success principles, I’ll be leading a weekly Q&A. So you’ll never be left to go it alone to ‘figure it out’ by yourself. I will be with you every step of the way.

Join us for Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way

With all my heart,

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For fast action takers, who know that the path to success is often found by leaping forward, you’ll receive a 30 Vision Clarity Telephone Session with Me to jumpstart the course.

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