A few years ago I had reached a level of success I only dreamed about when I first started my coaching business.

I was working full time in my own practice. I had clients I adored. I was about to have my first 6-figure year.

I had joined an invitation only mastermind of 6- and 7-figure earners in the self-development and coaching world. I was playing with the big boys and girls!

On the outside, it looked like success.

But inside, I felt small and powerless. I was wearing myself out working all the time. I loved my clients but felt like my programs were just scratching the surface of what we could do. I wasn’t having the influence I craved.

And my marketing was so generic it floated right over people like a puff of air.

The truth was, I needed to change if my business was going to continue.

But I was scared. I was so afraid to lose what I had built that I clung to my old ways, copying the formulas of gurus and wondering why I couldn’t make it work the way they did.

Until I started to listen inward.

My soul stirred.

I began to recreate my business from this inner space of being connected to my Divine Feminine Self and to Source. I began to take actions in support of my soul’s direction not just because a big name said I should.

I started to guide my clients to craft their businesses in a new way that honors all of who they are, creates ease, and opens the flow to more money.

Business got fun again…. For me and my clients.

It became sexy.

It was filled with pleasure.

AND I made more money than I thought possible. (And they started to make more too!)

Yeah, Baby!

And then I thought, “I have to find a way to share this with more women.”

Because when women have businesses that fill them with pleasure and make a lot of money, we raise the vibration of the planet, AND we change the world.

So I created a 5 week course

Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way.

Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way is uniquely designed to guide you in building a business that honors all of who you are, and makes you a ton of money.

In five weeks I’ll walk side by side with you and share the fundamental principles I use to create my 6-figure, soul-led business.

  1. Connect with the energy of your business for guidance so that you trust, without a doubt, when you are on the right track and what your next right step to success is.
  2. Discover your divine right niche. You’ll stop hiding the “woo” parts of you and bring all of you into service of those you are uniquely designed to help.
  3.  Craft programs and packages in collaboration with the energetic avatar of your perfect client making marketing easy and client attraction magnetic.
  4. Create a joyful relationship with money, healing the internal blocks that keep money at a distance and opening the flow of abundance into your business.
  5. Design a marketing plan that is in rhythm with your unique design, allowing you to leave the hamster wheel of constant struggle behind for good. 

In addition to a weekly lesson plan, complete with worksheets, templates and success principles, I’ll be leading a weekly Q&A. So you’ll never be left to go it alone to ‘figure it out’ by yourself. I will be with you every step of the way.

Join us for Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way

With all my heart,

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