I’m walking deep into Boynton Canyon in the heart of Sedona with two of my mentors and 3 business sisters.

I place my feet deliberately on the earth. I’ve been taught to think of Mama Earth as the “Me that I walk upon” from a Lakota ceremony leader. I keep this teaching in mind as I walk.

I tune my attention to the energy around me.

My palms begin to tingle, then my arms, my feet, my lips.

I feel them all around me.

The insects, the birds. Something bigger, not far off. I feel snake energy, and distantly, the warmth of bear. The world is alive and buzzing.

I turn the corner.

Two of my sisters on this journey have discovered a squirrel, leaping from tree to tree, flying through the air, landing with grace.

Squirrels are the tattletales of the forest, pointing out where we should pay attention. This little messenger is telling us we are entering sacred ground, both internally and externally. He is welcoming us to a deeper experience of who we are, what our work is meant to be.

He is the first messenger.

We move on. At the edge of the trail we meet a young buck. Behind him is a doe. The masculine and feminine together. Grace and beauty. The second messengers. Deer have huge ears so they can listen well, listen deeply.

The buck nibbles the grass, then, a tender green bush. Finding that to his liking he gobbles the tiny leaves.

I hear his message… listen deeply love, and when you find what you truly desire, claim it. It is yours. No holding back, no shame, no withholding. Just claim it.

Moving on we are greeted by the third messengers. Two birds modeling a call and respond song. The first sending a sweet thrill, the second calling back, heart to heart, matching tones. This, they say, this is how to attract clients. Simply sing out your song in the world, boldly, without hesitation… and listen for the call back from your right people.

This is a sacred journey we are living. Each little turn, every rise is filled with the potential to make magic happen, to create from Source what you deeply desire. Squirrel urges me to share these messages with you.

Listen deeply. What is the desire that makes your heart ache? That feels so delicious you almost can’t speak it aloud. That, my dear, is yours to have. Claim it!

Then seek the ones who are meant to benefit from you having it. Call out to your right clients, letting go of having to get it right, having to sing a certain way. Be you, visible in the world, singing your song.

With all my heart,

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