I was on retreat in August with two of my favorite business women.

I was on retreat in September with two of my mentors and three business sisters.

I will facilitate a retreat in October for my high-end clients.

I retreat A LOT. 

Some people might ask, “But, Julie, when do you work?”

The answer is that being on retreat is part of my work. I go to amazing, high vibe locations… Monterey, Sedona, Santa Fe, Salem… and focus on my being-ness, stretching myself so I can serve more, receive more.

While in Sedona I decided to focus on excellent self-care. This meant lots of time in the steam room and hot tub. Green smoothies. Walks on the red rocks with my sisters. And, one afternoon, an amazing Myofascial massage.

It felt  pointedly, joyously self-centered and impressively willfulI could have used that time to write content, answer client emails, plan a lesson….

But instead, I focused on me.

And when I turned my phone back on after the massage, I had two messages.

The first was an update from family. Things were working out perfectly. They were fine without me there.

The second from a client, “I just signed 2 clients today! I just made $5k in 1 day! I love you!”

Over the next few days I received  more messages from clients. The first two reported receiving clarity around their mission and their business. Both were super excited about where they are headed.

One requested an upgrade to her program, resulting in additional income for me.

A third member of my tribe reported three new clients and signing a deal to publish her first book. 

Plus, my body felt amazing!!!

Massage is excellent for business!

So I’ve scheduled more massage now that I’m home. I’ve scheduled walks in the woods with my drum.  I’m allowing myself even more dreaming time.

As we enter the last quarter of the year, I invite you to be a self-centered.  

Think, what perfect personal experiences you would like to incorporate into your practices that will allow you to expand, to make room for more abundance and joy, so that this is your most profitable quarter ever!

**Hint… it’s not about doing more. It is about BEING.**

With all my heart,

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