As I sat to write this, I heard, “Tell her money has a message for her.”

“What,” I asked. “What is it?”

“Listen,” Money whispered. “Feel what is happening….

Today, woman walks in fear…

She is afraid that all of the things that have been told to her by her mother, by society, by her partners are true. She is afraid that she is a fuck up. That she is not able. That she is not worthy. That she should be silent.

She listens to the voices in the news, questioning her truth. Questioning her motives.

She is afraid of being judged, being threatened, being hurt.

Tell her the truth….”

Here is the truth:

This is not the time to go into hiding. To let the fear direct you.

This is the time to be bold. 

To make the big statement.

To experiment until you find the correct strategies for the moment.

To change the way things have always been done, and grow into a new paradigm.

To challenge norms and typical ways of doing business, of living life.

 To take the biggest risks in service to your mission. 

Lined up behind you are all your guides and guardians, angels and ancestors, and unseen helpers. All of them supporting you, sending you love and strength, cheering you on.

You are the one with the power to change things for all future generations. The one who can heal the generational wounds. The one who to break the bonds of the past.

It is simple, not always easy. The truth whispers from your soul’s knowing while the world shouts warnings of impending doom.

You are made to be happy, wealthy, joyous.

What you desire, is meant to be yours.

What you dream, is a vision of your future life.

Plant your feet on Mama Earth, feel her vibration.

Gather your sisterhood of powerful women committed to truth and love around you.

Open your throat, allow the words to flow forth.

What is the truth that you want to say? What is the change that you want to make?

I am here with you, walking hand in hand. I will not desert you.

And Money says, “I won’t desert you either!”

With all my heart,

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