Today, I’m flying out to Salem, Massachusetts for a retreat with my year – long group clients.

We plan to “reclaim the witch.

When I envision my inner witch, she is the one who walks barefoot on Mama Earth. She is the one who knows healing plants and ancient wisdom. She is the one who talks with the Stone people, the mountains, seeking solace in their ancient stance.

She is the one who speaks carefully, knowing that her words contain power and magic.

She is the one connected to Source, creating from Source, living in abundance with Source.

And she is angry. I am angry.

I saw last week the pain of the feminine resurfacing. Of being abused and then not believed.

I saw story after story on social media. Women telling of their own abuse, their own deep wound.

I saw Dr. Ford’s chin tremble as she held her composure while speaking.

I felt the deep soul-searing cry in the collective.

I thought, Why? Why is this still happening?

Then I knew. It is so we don’t get complacent. We don’t go back into our comfortable caves.

Now is time to clear our throats and use our voices.

Now is the time to fill our hearts and speak our truth.

Now is the time to feel into our creative womb center and craft the change that we crave.

So that our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews don’t have to replay these same wounds over again.

It is time to share your purpose, do the work you were born to do.

And when it seems most difficult, to lean in, seek help, keep going.

Love, I know that you are powerful, capable, lovable.

Because I have been where you are. I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve looked at my business as an impossible dream.

I thought I’m too powerless, too wounded, too defective, too unimportant. I don’t have the right parts, the right background, the right knowledge, the right amount of courage.

And then, I did it anyway. 

So that today I get the joy of heading to Salem with some of the most powerful women I know, to reclaim the witch.

With all my heart,

PS. I’m back on Oct 14. I have room in my calendar to support one more woman this year in creating her own 6 or 7-figure business. If you feel the call, schedule an interview with me to see if I’m the one to help you craft your dream business.

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