A week ago, I closed the circle on my Feminine Marketing Reclaiming the Feminine Retreat in Salem, Massachusetts. The first few days afterward I felt the inevitable let-down after spending four days with my beloved clients, fully open as  a channel for Source.

Here we are after our amazing photo shoot experience:

I took time easing back to normal life, allowing my husband to care for me as he and I explored a swath of the East Coast for the first time.

While we traveled, insights from the retreat dropped in, growing and stretching my vision. As we wound our way through the countryside along back-county roads from Salem through New Hampshire and  Vermont, I heard Source whispering her messages.

We had gone on retreat to reclaim the feminine from the wounds of the patriarch. And we did. We named it, we growled at it, we yelled, we danced, we forgave, we took back our power.

But I also realized that there is another wound. It is what we did, and do,  to each other as women. How we, how I,  wound others, acting  out of jealousy, out of fear, out of our own woundedness.

The witches, the powerful ones, were hung by men, but accused by three young girls who  had no understanding, were jealous, who were themselves powerless.

I realized that we came to Salem to not only reclaim our inner witches, but ourselves as accusers as well.

I feel called to another level of integrity in standing for women, for the Feminine. Watching my words and my actions more diligently. Naming my feelings and emotions, claiming them as mine, doing the work of my own healing so that I don’t lash out at others.

This was, for me, the biggest ah ha. ….

Mad thanks to Lindsay A. Miller, my partner, my friend, my soul-sister (you know this isn’t our first life together!). I love you and the work could not be done without you.

Huge gratitude to my mentors and teachers, whose shoulders I stand upon.

To my clients, I am in awe of your power, your wisdom, your willingness to go to the hard places in service to YOUR purpose and your clients. I love and adore all of you.

And to you, dear one, thank you for being a witness, for sharing my mission, for doing your work to heal, empower, teach and inform the world.

I am grateful,

With all my heart,

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