The leaves are turning.

Mornings are crisp.

The grand-girls report that the pool is now too cold for swimming.

The call to dream is growing stronger.


Within the dream are the seeds of action that will transform the dream into reality.

One action that I take is to spend time with women who call me forth to be bolder, to claim my wild creative self, to take a greater stand for my women, all women.

Women, we are made to create in COMMUNITY. 

It’s in our DNA.

When we gather together, our power to generate massive results magnifies.

It is important that we:

  • connect;
  • acknowledge each other in our tears and in our glory;
  • let go of feeling small and unimportant and alone so we fully stand in our power;
  • join our voices in a song of celebration for each individual success, for the highest good of all;
  • push each other to be bolder in our commitment and our actions;

Why I’m so excited to announce the dates of our next Art of Feminine Marketing Live Annual Gathering?Because this is a celebration of sisterhood;

A deeper examination of what marketing from your Feminine means, and how it can help you attract your ideal clients with more ease;

A Source-filled dance with the energy of money, opening you to more flow and abundance; 
and an initiation into the depths of what Source is calling forth in you for 2019.

The doors are now open for the Art of Feminine Marketing Live Annual Gathering: Marketing, Money and Magic February 22-24, 2019 in Monterey, CA.

The sisterhood is tight, we keep the group small purposely so that everyone has an opportunity to have their needs met.

And, you can purchase your seat for $200 off the normal price, if you do it now.

I invite you to consider what might be different, together, in 2019 should you join us.

With all my heart,

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