The room was large spacious, filled with antique furniture, high ceilings, broad wooden window casings. The house, I have been told, was over 150 years old. I felt the energy of lives lived there seeped into the floor boards.

My women sat in a circle on antique couches and velvet chairs as we discussed what essence they would like to express in the next day’s photoshoot.

I could feel the walls that one of my women had built around herself. She was safely in her comfort zone. Yet, she had hired me to push her out of that comfort zone, to call her forth into her greatness.

The comfort zone is so familiar to me, both as an entrepreneur and as a woman empowering other women to grow their businesses. It’s  the place we go to avoid growing. Because growth can be uncomfortable and frightening, requiring  us to take a stand, look at our own shadows, and face our fears.

The comfort zone is also the place where creativity withers and business stalls. 

“How,” I ask Source, “Do we break out of this comfort zone?”

“Dance,” Source responded.

This was out of MY comfort zone, sigh ….

And  I do it.  I slink across the floor in my best flirty, slightly awkward dance move, inviting her to come dance with me.

She stops me, “I’m not dancing!”

I stop, settling to my knees on the floor in front of her, waiting.

This is her time to process, to experience feminine moving in body. Her time to decide what she wanted.

We wait. Allowing her Space.

This is how the feminine works. In the quiet, in the spaces, in the question “what do you want?”

“I will give you whatever you want”, said Lindsey, my partner in this retreat and our awesome photographer.

The woman turned and shouted, “I just want …. “;  and she told us what she wanted (this part is her story to tell.)

She was magnificent. Breathtaking. Clear and resolute. She spoke with power. She KNEW what she wanted and she let us know.

And we gave her that.

When I first began planning this retreat, I had no idea that this exchange would happen. I could never have planned it; however,  I created a safe container within which something transformative could happen.

I carefully choose the person I would partner with, the house we would meet in, the basic outline of the day. But I could never have imagined that I would slither my way across the floor making eyes at a client until she had her break through.

This is the magic that comes from operating in the feminine. 

The Feminine dreams it, the masculine creates the container for it, then Source flows through, directing results that are transformational and lifelong.

Sometimes it can be scary not knowing what will happen, not having 32 pages of notes. (My very first live event was so scripted that I had 32 pages of notes… for two days!!!!)

Today I am liberated, trusting that Source will direct the best and highestfor each woman when I create a safe space, well blessed and well held.

As I create the container for the Art of Feminine Marketing Annual Gathering, I am filled with curiosity.

What magic will happen in that room? 

Who will have their life long transformation? 

How will this event serve our bigger mission of empowering women to transform their wounds – feeling small and unimportant and all alone –  into powerful marketing that attracts perfect clients and lots of money?

 I invite you to consider joining us and being part of the magic.Reserve your seat now.

With all my heart

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