I saw a post the other day that said, “A strong woman gets up and does it anyway.”

I wanted to throw up.

Seriously???… how does that serve anyone? Just do it? Push through it?

I wasn’t surprised to see that post was shared by a man!

Because doing it anyway… that is old paradigm, lower vibration masculine advice.

My definition of a strong woman:

A strong woman:

Takes time to cry gently… or sob with great massive heaves and lots of snot.

Feels the pain of her wounds … then sits down to pull the meaning and the magic from those wounds.

Allows waves of emotion to wash over her… recognizing them as the compass
to point her toward her highest healing and her highest good.

Experiences the suffering of past generations carried forward in her DNA… 
and puts a stake in the ground to be the one to change things.

Knows that action alone solves nothing… and seeks inner guidance before launching into action.

Dances wildly to return to her natural body… even if she looks silly.

Let’s her pussy make decisions… acknowledging the power of her creative womb-space.

Connects with Source first… trusting that Source is the only true security.

Permits ideas, programs, projects, products to unfold in their own time.. guided by her Divine Feminine Power.

Moves in cycles with the phases of the moon, the passages of nature… 
aligning her times of rest, dreaming and action in away that feels true to her.

Smiles and ignores those who tell her she MUST do things in a particular way to achieve success… 
then allows her inner counsel to transform formulas into plans that are unique and fully supportive of who she is.

Puts her feet on Mama Earth, sings her own songs in the wind, feels the love of Father Sky in rays of sunshine… and is grateful.

Has conversations with the Energy of Money… partnering with Money as a beloved friend.

Belongs to sisterhoods of women who support, encourage and celebrate her … without fail.

Seeks mentors who are forging the trail of a new paradigm… where the feminine leads and the masculine follows.

Takes action that is directed by her Divine Feminine Essence, in service to her mission and her tribe… 
because she knows it is time, it is right, it is hers to do.

With all my heart,

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