It’s the end of another year.

A time for reflection and closing.

I was on the final call with my mentors and coaching sisters when I heard myself say, “I don’t believe in myself anymore.”

You see, belief has some level of NOT knowing. Some level of choosing to own something that hasn’t been proven, that is yet unseen. Belief involves mentally leaping over the gap between possibility and actuality. 

I believe lots of things. Like: I wasn’t actually there for the moon landing, but I’ve chosen to believe it happened.

However when it comes to me, I know.

Deeply, with no hesitation, no doubt. I used to believe in myself… but now, I KNOW:

I know I’m powerful.

I know I can manifest all sorts of money, and assistance, and adventures.

I know that I see what others don’t, hear what others can’t. Spirit/ Source often chooses to speak through me, to heal through me.

I know that my work fortifies and strengthens my women and the world through them.

I know that I’m good at business and great at teaching it.

I know that I’m strong and wise enough to lead a new way of doing business.

I know that money loves me and continues to bless me in ever increasing quantities.. forever.

I know that life is sometimes really hard. Sometimes stuff just sucks. And I know that I’m resilient in finding my way through.

I know that I can count on ME.


I invite you to consider the question in your end of year reflections:

What do you know about you???

What you know is the key to freedom.

When the monkey voices in your head raise doubts, return to what you know.

When the people in your life downplay your dreams, return to what you know.

When the world turns upside down and gives the appearance that it’s all gone to hell in a handbasket, return to what you know.

Return, my sweet sister, to knowing that
you are created in the image of God,
fueled by Source,
powered by the skills you’ve learned in healing your own inner wounds.

Know that you, too, are powerful.

With all my heart,

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