My heart expands.

The hair on my arms stands up.

My eyes brim with new seeing.

My throat fills with emotions from lifetimes together.

What will she bring forth next??

This is how I feel when I see Lindsay A Miller’s work.

Her ability to capture the essence of a person…

Her skill at drawing out all of who they are…

And the shear beauty of the photos…

This is what draws me to work with her.

And  I have learned that she  is more than a fantastic artist.

She is a mystic healer.

She is daring.

She is willing.

She is courageous.

Her work elevates to the next level when she puts herself in front of the camera. When she allows her full self to be seen.

When she photographs herself experiencing her worst fear, many women’s worst fear, in a trash bag on the side of the road, I know. She is doing the healing for all of us.

 I know in that moment that I want some of that for me, and for my women.

We connect, and we spin ideas out of air.

What would happen, we think, if we combine my work mining women’s core wounds to enable  their gifts of tribe clarity, self-knowing,and understanding  with Lindsay’s ability to honor and heal through the camera lens?

She shows me her private vault of wound photos. The work she has started  to do with her most exclusive clients.

I see the raw beauty, the vulnerability,  that level of authenticity that is so attractive and visionary.
Oh, yes… I want that for my clients.

And I want the power photos of my women in their full feminine glory, creating life from their connection to source, their connection to breath.

So, we weave Lindsay into my program. First we would do a wound shoot. Then we would do the Feminine power shoot.

This year we reclaimed the witch, the wise woman, the high priestess, the goddess. We reclaimed the lost,  the shamed, and the beautiful.

Those photos are coming, but first, meet Lindsay.

The fear-filled Lindsay alone on the streets, the joyful Lindsay dancing in New Orleans, the sexy woman, the sad child.

Lindsay ~ I am forever grateful for your love, your support, your inspiration, your pushing me to be more me, your example of being more you. I adore you!!

Yes, Lindsay, we want more. Bring it!!!!


With all my heart,

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